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To hire the tours offered by the Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba Hotel, please contact our Central Tours. We request that you make your reservation one day in advance. There are many sights to be visited in the region.

Questions and Information:

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Telephone: +55 73 3686-1580

Know the options

Black Mud

Try our famous medicinal Lama Negra. Sailing boat of the mangrove canals or the beach a wonderful buggy ride you will reach the southern island for a black mud health bath. Along the way, information on local fauna and flora.

Duration: 02 hours by speedboat / 1:30 a.m. buggy.
Minimum Amount: 04 people (boat) / 02 people (buggy).
Cost: R$100,00 adult / R$50,00 child
Observation: We recommend using bathing suit and slippers.


Ever wondered venture between the island's trails on an ATV ride full of excitement and even contemplating idyllic landscapes and natural wonders of Comandatuba?
You can also know the Barra Norte on the beach and trail. To live this experience, just book your ATV and enjoy your ride.
Exit the Kiosk of ATVs.

Duration: 01 hour.
Path: Approximately 12 km.
Cost: R$400,00 / quadricycle for 02 people
Observation: We recommend using insect repellent and sunscreen.

Crabs Catwalk

Learn how to catch crabs with a legitimate catcher.
Ride monitored by biologist to a walkway through the trees of the mangrove. Observation of crabs, birds, typical trees and a demonstration of fishing and catching gear made by a legitimate catching crabs.

Duration: 01 hour.
Cost: No costs.
Observation: This activity needs to be scheduled at the front desk.

North Bar / Mangrove

Nothing better in Comandatuba than knowing its natural charm and breathtaking landscapes!
On one side of the island, we have the mangroves and on the other the sea.
Strolling speedboat toward North Bar, you will see all the exuberance of the mangrove flora and still see his encounter with the sea.
It is a spectacle. Unmissable!

Duration: 30 minutes to 01 hour.
Capacity: 8-12 people.
Cost: Consulting costs at the reception.

Extreme Itacaré

We will make a nature trail traversing walk four wild and pristine beaches amid Atlantic forest. Havaizinho is special and serves as a gateway to the surfers' paradise: a Engenhoca which is considered the best beach for surfing, with its perfect waves. Camboinha where a small waterfall flows serves to re-energize and cool in hot weather and guides us Itacarezinho. Large, comfortable, has good infrastructure beach hut with restaurant.

Optional: Stop at the hut Patty
Duration: 8 hours
1 person: R$880,00
2 persons: R$440,00 per person
3 persons: R$352,00 per person
Above 4 people consults the central Tours

Cocoa Farm Bom Jesus

The true history of chocolate starts here! In our region it was planted the first cacao walk from Bahia. In visit to Cocoa Farm you will know the whole process of planting, cultivating and harvesting cacao to make chocolate.

Duration: 4 hours
Departure Time: 10h00
R$ 90.00 per person (minimum 10 passengers)
Private car: R$ 500.00

Sunset in Canavieiras

The banks of the Pardo River, the city offers colonial beauty, romance and indescribable peace. Its first inhabitants were the Portuguese and Brazilians coming from Ilheus in 1700. The city's name came from the "Scallops" cocoa planters, and its first settlers. Today is affectionately called "Canes" - paradise islands. This tour includes tour by boat through the mangroves, black mud bath, visits the Island of Grace and the Watchtower Beach that its regional huts is ideal for hiking.

Duration: 4 hours
R$150.00 per person (minimum 10 passengers)
Private car: R$ 500.00

City Tour Ilheus

Islets, known worldwide through the stories and novels of Jorge Amado, with Gabriela as the most famous of them. It is now the most visited place of the Bahian coast. A good opportunity to know the block of Jorge Amado (Vesuvius Bar, Cathedral, Jorge Amado House and the Bataclan) and shop in the Craft Center.

Duration: 07 hours.
Departure Time: 10h30
R$ 115.00 per person (minimum 10 passengers)
Private car: R$ 550.00

City Tour Canavieiras

Come and discover the charms, history and the natural beauty of the city considered the princess South Bahia. A tour in the richest stories of the Colonels and visits to important mansions of Cocoa masters.

Duration: 05 hours.
Departure Time: 10h00
R$ 100.00 per person (minimum 10 passengers)
Private car: R$ 500.00

City Tour Itacaré

He became famous for beautiful beaches, the Atlantic Forest and the refuge of the famous. The geography was very generous with Itacaré making this tour a great opportunity to meet with nature.

Duration: 08 hours.
Departure Time: 10h00
R$ 200.00 per person (minimum 10 passengers)
Private car: R$ 700.00

Bird Watching

Know more closely our fauna and flora.
Follow biologist on a walk by the golf course to learn about the island's flora and fauna and watch native birds with binoculars.

Duration: 01 hour.

Adopt a Tree

An unforgettable ride.
Register your name in the history of the Hotel Transamerica planting Week symbol tree with biologist monitoring. At the end, you will receive a certificate from the Institute Ecotuba and can follow the growth of your tree.

Duration: 01 hour.


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