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Ecotuba Project

The Institute ECOTUBA is an Association without lucrative ends established in 1996 in the Comandatuba Island. Its mission is to maintain the seaside environment of the Atlantic Forest through research, ecological education, sustainable developing promotion and traditional culture motivation.
The Institute ECOTUBA, above the contribution regarding information to create the Comandatuba Project, jointly with the Hotel Transamérica it has developed several social and ecological projects.

Meet some of them:

This Project has as an objective the conservation and research of fen ecosystem, particularly of the "caranguejo-uça" (crab), specie endangered by predatory fishing and by a mass mortality which has been affecting the whole Brazilian coast. Beyond being one of the major responsible for the fen leaves recycling, the sea life nursery, the "caranguejo-uça" serves as sustenance for many low wages communities.
Biologists of the Institute ECOTUBA are developing researches about the "caranguejo-uça" population and diagnostics of the crab collectors' social-economic situation. Additionally, ecotourism activities and ecological education are made on a path over the Hotel Transamerica - IC fen. During summer campaigns are released to avoid the female crabs' capture and consumption, if under the commercial size and in reproduction period.

The research and conservation of the Comandatuba Island sea turtles is the objective of the Queloniatuba Project. For that reason, during the spawning period the biologists of the Ecotuba Institute patrols along the beach to protect the nests of this specie endangered of extinction. The Project started in 1995 when the Hotel Transamérica - IC weekly donated chicken eggs as a recompense for the residents who resign eating turtles' eggs and started helping the ECOTUBA Institute taking care of the nests. Nowadays chicken eggs are not any longer required since the communities are already aware and enough integrated. Each resident who takes care of a nest are to be considered a nature guardian, receiving diplomas and gifts as a motivator. Each season (October to April) the Queloniatuba Project guarantees an average of 4,000 sea turtle younglings arrival to the sea.

Coconut farms generate leaves and rinds which are burned, possibly causing ecological problems. The Ecotuba Institute, since 1996, promotes the use of these remaining by craftsmen contributing to the local ecological conservation as well as to the production of exclusive pieces which are exhibit and sold in the Espaço Ecotuba Fibras Naturais, provided by the Hotel Transamerica - IC. One of the major benefits of this work was the foundation of the Handcraft Association Grauça, formed by craftsmen of the project and currently by its own members.

With this Project the Ecotuba Institute promotes the volunteer work of Hotel Transamérica - IC professionals, engaging them in cultural activities, socials and ecological. With the assistance of Hotel Transamérica - IC lectures are been implemented as well as environment educational activities by biologists and a capoeira group, the Nação Iorubá which acts in several local communities in the city of Una.

The obejctive of this Project is to allow a major interaction of the comunities to the structure of the Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba. Ocasionally several activities are organized such as cultural demonstrations where local residents demonstrate activities, for instance, raft exit, canoe, coconut climbing, fishing net hurl and capoeira demonstration. Likewise, tours are organized with members of the community to meet the hotel structure such as golf course, airport and leisure areas.

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