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Social and Environmental Responsibilityl

Since its inauguration in 1989, the concern with sustainability is present in everyone's life that has been or is part of the Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba.

Various social and environmental projects implemented by the hotel improve the quality of life and ensure the ecological balance on the Island of Comandatuba.

The trip from the hotel to the Island Comandatuba brought development to the region, employing most of its residents and improving the quality of life and population growth.

From sewer, which passes through a modern aerobic process, to organic waste, which is handled at the compost plant and composted, each area that makes up the infrastructure of the hotel adopts actions that show respect for the environment.

All residual oil is sold for a re-refining company, registered in the National Petroleum Agency - ANP, for recycling purposes. Recycling of waste is accomplished through the selective collection of glass, plastic, metal and paper which are separated and sold. Some solid waste is compressed and the organic residue is cooled.

For the population of Una and Canavieiras, work of environmental awareness in conjunction with the NGO Ecotuba is done. To allow for greater community interaction with the structure of the Hotel Transamerica and vice versa, cultural shows where locals show activities such as jangada departures, canoeing, coconut trees climbing, flue launching and demonstration of capoeira are organized. Likewise, excursions with members of the community are organized so they can know the structure of the hotel, airport and walking areas.

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