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Since its opening almost 20 years ago, the concern about the sustainability is present in everyone's life that are or were part of the Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba.

Several social and ecological projects established in the hotel improve the life quality of the population and assure the environmental equilibrium in the Comandatuba Island.

The route from the hotel to Comandatuba Island brought development to the area, employing the majority its residents, improving their life quality and growth.

The sewer system passes through an anaerobic process; the organic garbage is treated in a composting plant and transformed into seasoning. Every area of the hotel adopts actions which reveal the respect for the environment.

In partnership with the Universidade Estadual Santa Cruz (UESC), the residual kitchen oil passes through a recycle program which produces the biodisel. Started in 2002, it has collected more than 24,000 liters of residual oil. The garbage recycling is made through the careful gathering of glass, metal, paper and plastic which are separated and commercialized. The rest of the garbage is compressed, refrigerated and deposited in an earth bathroom in the city of Una.

For the population of Una and Canavieiras an ecological awareness program is organized in partnership with the ONG Ecotuba. To allow a major assimilation between the community and the Hotel Transamérica structure, several activities are organized such as cultural demonstrations where local residents demonstrate activities, for instance, raft exit, canoe, coconut climbing, fishing net hurl and capoeira demonstration. Likewise, tours are organized with members of the community to meet the hotel's structure such as golf course, airport and leisure areas.

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