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Conglomerado Alfa

The Alfa Financial Conglomerate can trace its beginnings back to 1925 when the Banco da Lavoura de Minas Gerais was founded. In 1972, Banco da Lavoura changed its trade name to Banco Real S/A, and afterwards created other financial companies that would comprise the Real Financial Conglomerate. In 1998, Banco Real S/A sold its majority shareholding interest to ABN Amro Bank. Those companies that remained (Banco Real de Investimento, Real Financeira, Real Arrendamento Mercantil and Corretora Real at that time) came to make up the new Alfa Financial Conglomerate (Conglomerate Financeiro Alfa) and shortly thereafter added the newly created Banco Alfa (commercial bank) and the insurance company, Alfa Seguradora to the group.

The Alfa Financial Conglomerate, based on this solid 80-year history has chiefly been engaged in the corporate and personal credit sector as well as Treasury, Third Party Resource Management, Insurance, Private Pension Plans and Private Banking.

The Alfa Financial Conglomerate holding company also retains substantial investments in nonfinancial areas, namely: Hotels (the Transamérica Hotel chain), Construction Materials (C&C Casa e Construção), Cattle and Agribusiness (Agropalma), Mineral Water (Águas Prata), Foodstuffs – ice cream (Sorvetes La Basque), Culture (Teatro Alfa) and Communications (Rádio Transamérica).

Headquartered in São Paulo, the institution has branches located inthe major Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Fortaleza and Campo Grande all of which feature technological platforms including extensive use of Internet services enabling greater ease in decision making and project development.

Financial Companies

The companies that compose the Alfa Financial Conglomerate are listed below:

Banco Alfa
Banco Alfa de Investimento
Financeira Alfa
Alfa Arrendamento Mercantil
Alfa Corretora de Câmbio e Valores Mobiliários

Non Financial Companies

The Alfa Conglomerate also encompasses a group of nonfinancial companies:

Águas Prata
Alfa Seguros e Previdência
Cia Transamérica de Hotéis
C&C - Casa e Construção
Instituto Alfa de Cultura
La Basque
Rádio Transamérica
Transamérica Expo Center
TV Transamérica

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