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Security and Privacy

Please read carefully the terms and conditions presented below: only use this site if you fully agree with the entire contents of the site privacy terms. In the event that you do not agree or understand any of the provisions below or any part of them, do not access or use this site or any of the internet pages related to it.

The Hotéis Transamérica work with advanced Internet technological security resources at all times striving to assure complete privacy and security to our clients. All information is encrypted by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 256 bits system and can be verified using the "closed lock" icon which is located in the lower bar of the final reservation page.


This is a security system whereby all information is codified before being transmitted. Only the Hotéis Transamérica system has the key to decrypt the information. The size of the key used by the encrypted messages is indicated by the degree of difficulty needed to decrypt messages.


When registering in the Hotéis Transamérica site, you will have an identification login and a password. Therefore every time you access the site, you will be able to log in and perform a personalized navigation. This will enable future purchases without requiring you to re-register and only choosing the dates, rooms and payment information.
In the event that you have forgotten your password, there is a link in the registration environment, which reads "I forgot my password." When you click on this button, a message will be forwarded immediately to your e-mail address registered on the site, containing your login and password.


E-mail marketing campaigns will only be made with the permission of the client at the time of registration. According to the guidelines in the footer of the e-mail marketing, clients can request exclusion from mailing.


The Hotéis Transamérica promise not to disclose under any circumstances clients' personal information to third parties. This information is used strictly to process your purchase and to learn a little more about our clients to create campaigns, offer and new products according to your profile. After making a purchase with your credit card, the number provided will not be stored in our servers and is automatically transferred to the credit card company. The only information that will be stored is personal such as: name, address and telephone.


The Hotéis Transamérica is certified by VeriSign, the leading international company in the Field of Internet security. You may make your purchase without any worries and be assured that all your data will be used within a secure environment.

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