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Sustainability Booklet

Aware that the company is engaged in a certain context, the Hotel strives to implement actions that benefit society and the environment to achieve fair and sustainable growth. It is certain that for each action achieved, for the purpose of improvement, it is worth the effort.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

It is the ethical and responsible way for a company to strategically develop all of its social and environmental actions, policies, and attitudes among both the communities and employees.

Social and environmental responsibility is related to the internal and external environment as well as to all of the parties interested in the process, as it continually strives to achieve results that lead to social inclusion, the common good and preservation of the environment.

Sustainable Development

It is the development capable of supplying the present needs, without compromising the development of future generations. It is the development that does not deplete resources for the future. Its objective is to assure the balance of three dimensions: economic, social and environmental with governance (management).


It is defined as the principle of a society that maintains the necessary characteristics for a fair and just social system, environmentally balanced and economically prosperous over a long period of time.

Strategic Alignment of a Sustainable Company

Systemic concept, i.e., it correlates and integrates in an organized manner economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of the society. The key word is continuity – how these points can be kept in balance over time.

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