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Security Center

Our Operations Center is equipped with the most modern integrated technological security system and includes a digital image capture system (CFTv), fire alarm system, the latest generation radio communicators as well as 24 hour monitoring. Our security staff is strategically located throughout the Hotel with professionals specialized in asset, personal and dignitary assignments as well as in handling internal and external clients.
The Transamérica is prepared to prevent violence and assure our client's safety at all times.

Fire Brigade

You will find members of the Fire Brigade throughout the Transamérica premises. This brigade is made up of Fire Fighters and completed by the hotel's own employees – trained annually – assuring full coverage throughout the grounds and buildings. The entire hotel is equipped with smoke detection and emergency alarm systems, sprinkler fire extinguishing equipment, hydrants and extinguishers and ready to identify and fight any fire focus, all of which are connected and monitored by the Operations Center.

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