For Children


Comandatuba encourages and teaches young visitors to the island to work toward preserving nature and conveys lessons in ecology based on characters that appeal to children inspired by species threatened with extinction,some of which can be found on the island, like the Uça and Guaiamun crabs and sea turtles.

The purpose of this project is to instill in children the importance of preserving, defending and respecting plant and animal life.



Tobby Terrível

Vindo do mar numa tempestade, Tobby encalhou seu navio quebrado na piscina infantil. Quando olhou ao redor, percebeu que estava no Transamerica Resort Comandatuba, recanto da ComandaTURMA. Teve a ideia de capturar Lili, Testa, Micolino e Tartatuba para trabalharem consertando o seu navio. Seu sonho era se transformar no maior pirata dos sete mares e conquistar fama e dinheiro. Mas seus planos sempre dão errado porque a ComandaTURMA conta com a ajuda dos hóspedes do Transamerica.



He wanders around the surrounding areas and through the areas on the mainland in the forests. He can sometimes be seen riding on the back of a crab near the crab crossing. Since he is such a gourmet, he knows where to eat the best food on the island and particularly likes the local cuisine, Bahian fare.



She loves strolling about the island and playing sports. She knows how to play tennis, ride a bike, play soccer and often takes walks around the island and to the beach.


Zé Guaiamum and João Uçá

Zé and João are great friends; after all, they are neighbors in the mangroves.They work together on the Ecotuba program toward preserving the mangroves and take part in the Chama-Maré and Queloneatuba programs.


Flora and Testa

This inseparable couple found an abandoned bird nest built of mud and wattle and decided to live in it. They like to give advice to couples visiting Ilha de Comandatuba.



This woodpecker is a fanatic for water sports and loves watching people water skiing and riding jet skis through the canal from the tree tops. The other day he went deep sea fishing with some sailors – shame though he got a little sea sick.



He is the intellectual of the gang. He knows all the peculiarities and secrets the island holds that he learned from his ancestors who inhabited this area thousands of years ago. He has spent so much time on the golf course that he has learned not only how to play the game but is also an instructor.


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