Alpha Conglomerate

The Alfa Financial Conglomerate's history began in 1925 with the foundation of the Bank of Minas Gerais Farming. In 1972, the Bank of Crop changed its name to Banco Real S / A and then created other financial companies that constituted the Financial Conglomerate Real. In 1998, Banco Real S / A had its controlling interest sold to ABN Amro Bank. Financial companies unsold (then Royal Investment Bank, Royal Financial, Real Leasing and Brokerage Real) formed the new financial conglomerate Alfa, completed soon after the creation of the Alfa Bank (Commercial Bank) and Alfa Insurance.

With this solid history of over 80 years, Alfa Financial Conglomerate has been developing its activities mainly in the credit segment to legal entities and individuals, Treasury, Asset Management, Insurance, Private Pension and Private Banking.

The Financial Alfa conglomerate controller has still relevant investments in non-financial areas: Hospitality (Network Transamerica Hotel), Building Materials (C & C Home and Building), Agriculture and Agribusiness (Agropalma) Mineral Waters (Silver Waters), Food (Ice Cream La Basque), Cultural (Alfa Theatre) and Communications (Radio Transamerica).

Headquartered in São Paulo, the institution has branches in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Goiania, Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Ribeirao Preto, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Fortaleza and Campo Grande, all relying on modern technology platforms, including extensive use of Internet, allowing greater agility in decision making and in product development.

Financial Companies

The companies included in the Financial Conglomerate Alfa are specified below.

  • Alfa Bank
  • Alfa Bank Investment
  • Financial Alfa
  • Alfa Leasing
  • Alfa Brokerage Exchange and Securities

Non-Financial Companies

Conglomerate Alfa also consists of a set of non-financial companies:

  • Agropalma
  • Silver Waters
  • Alfa Insurance and Pension Plans
  • Cia Transamerica Hotels
  • C&C - Home & Building
  • Alfa Institute of Culture
  • La Basque
  • Transamerica Radio
  • Transamerica Expo Center
  • Transamerica TV
  • Metro Táxi Aéreo

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