Environmental Projects

Environmental Education, Ecotourism and Environmental Preservation Activities
Biologist presentation responsible for developing environmental education activities, Ecotourism and Environmental Preservation.

Meet some of the activities developed in different ecosystems of the region's Atlantic Forest.

Ecotourism in Mangrove

This project aims to research and conservation of the mangrove ecosystem, particularly the land crab, a species threatened by overfishing, pollution and destruction of their natural habitat. Besides being a major contributor to the recycling of mangrove leaves, the nursery of marine life, the land crab serves as food for many low-income communities. In addition, ecotourism and environmental education activities are carried out on a walkway through the mangrove Hotel Transamerica - IC and in the summer campaigns are disclosed to avoid capture and consumption of female crabs below the commercial size and breeding period.

Preservation Sea Turtle Nests

The research and conservation of sea turtles Comandatuba Island is the goal of this project. Therefore, spawning, biologists conduct patrols along the beach to protect the nests of these endangered species. The project began in 1995, when the Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba donated chicken eggs weekly in return for residents who refused to eat turtle eggs and went to help the Preservation Project of marine Tarturugas. Today, chicken eggs are no longer needed because the beach communities are already sufficiently integrated and made ​​aware. Every season (October to April), this project allows the registration and protection of approximately 80 (eighty) sea turtle nests on the beach in Comandatuba.

Ecological Crafts

Producers of coconut sites generate an accumulation of leaves and bark that are usually burned may cause environmental damage. Activities reuse of natural fibers contribute to the production of parts, some unique, which are displayed and sold in craft space provided by the Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba.

Environmental Information for surrounding communities to Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba

Environmental education has been used as the main tool for conservation and awareness of local communities regarding the disclosure of the periods of fishing ban and capture of endangered species of estuarine ecosystems in the region. Periodically informative lectures are held about the importance of environmental preservation in the region.

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