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Social Responsability

Reference for the hospitality industry in São Paulo, the Hotel Transamerica São Paulo is also outstanding due to its concern with the sustainability of the planet based on several social and environmental projects implemented by the hotel that help raise awareness of its employees and guests.

Projeto Felicidade (Happiness Project)

The Hotel Transamerica São Paulo has taken part since 2002 in the "Projeto Felicidade" (Happiness Project) created on April 23, 2001 by the ABIH - Associação Brasileira de Indústria de Hotéis (Brazilian Hotel Industry Association), Sociedade Beneficente Beit Chabad do Brasil (Beneficent Association), Associação dos Parques Temáticos (Association of Theme Parks), Hospital das Clínicas and Hospital Sírio Libanês.

Inspired by the successful "Give Kids The World" project, this one aims to offer needy children with cancer five unforgettable vacation days, providing entertainment, fun and excitement to continue treatment.

During the "dream" week, the children accompanied by two adults and one child are guests of the hotel and visit amusement parks, theaters and other entertainment locations at no cost.

The Hotel Transamerica São Paulo takes part in the "Projeto Felicidade" (Happiness Project) hosting these families who can use all the hotel facilities at no cost.

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Environmental Preservation

- Based on a project developed six years ago in partnership with an outsourced firm, the 800 liters of cooking oil used monthly by the hotel's kitchen are transformed into soap.

- Biodegradable products are used in the boilers and air conditioning cooling towers, and in the cleaning of tableware and cutlery and of all bathrooms of the Hotel.

- To reduce water consumption electronic faucets have been installed in the bathrooms and electronic controls in the social area urinals.

- To reduce electric energy consumption we use PL bulbs (more economical) in all social areas of the Hotel, motion detectors in the offices and service hallways, and software which enable improved electric energy demand management.

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